The Soundry is Closed

The breaking news is that our venue, The Soundry, is closed and may never reopen. (See the Soundry’s Facebook wall for the latest information we have.) What are a million monkeys with typewriters to do? Needless to say, the location of our next meeting is TBD.

Please comment here to discuss. Thanks!

UPDATE (10/21/2011, 1PM): Sadly, we still have no official word when or if The Soundry will reopen. If it is not open on Monday, the current plan is to have MoWiTy at 7PM as usual at the Town Hall at the Artisphere in Rosslyn, VA. We’ll post a confirmation of our location on Monday.

UPDATE (10/24/2011, 2PM): We’re on for meeting at 7PM in the Town Hall in the Artisphere in Rosslyn. Directions are available on their website. We’ll try to be in the upper level, and will be the group with a bunch of tables pushed together, typing furiously (we hope). See you tonight!